Community Yard Sale Fundraiser Update

A week ago, several cast members descended upon Smyrna with fliers and posters galore. Smyrna businesses were incredibly receptive and supportive, and not one business turned us down. In fact, the only place that didn’t have a community bulletin board, window space, or a place to put fliers (Publix) offered to put up a poster in their breakroom. Thank you, Smyrna businesses for supporting the arts and helping us get the word out about our community theater production of THE RIPPER!

While Oracle actors were flitting about Smyrna–in costume, I might add–Ms. Terri was representing Oracle at the LaVergne High School community yard sale. Thanks to the culinary skills of some extremely generous cast members, namely Bea, Pam, Alex, and Meg, we not only raised funds by delighting the taste buds of everyone who partook, but we also handed out fliers and encouraged them to come to the play.

Alex and Rob arrived with ridiculously delicious pumpkin tarts, their face painting supplies, and their adorable puppies (nothing like puppies to attract children!) Alex spent the morning painting faces and Rob created a lovely sign. Pam came out to help with the fundraising, too!

THANK YOU, Ms. Terri, for your time and your sweet spirit. A million thanks to Bea, Pam, Alex, and Meg for spending hours in the kitchen to help raise funds for this larger-than-life show. And thank you so much to Joe, Ryan, Katie, and Lori for the fabulous job you did of getting the word out. We are completely blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm of this cast!

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