Set Construction TODAY!

Today begins our set construction. If you’ve never constructed a set–from scratch–it’s quite a sight to behold. Ms. Terri is the mastermind behind getting that stage transformed into the set for THE RIPPER. She draws pictures and gives directions and orders lumber and paint and sets us all to work.

We had an amazing group of volunteers today with “skills and drills,” (today’s theme). Upon arrival, nothing had been built or painted. Upon departure, several pieces of the set had been constructed and several flats had been painted. It’s coming together!

Oh, and Bea showed up with a HUGE pan of homemade baked spaghetti and ridiculously delicious lemon bars, which were quickly and happily devoured. Oh, yeah!

If not for all of our faithful volunteers, we would never be able to do a single production, and we certainly would not have been able to go home at a decent hour tonight! We are so thankful for you, Ms. Terri, Meg, Bre, David, Josh, Erin, John K., Thad, Bea, Thomas, Burn, Rob D., Alex, Rob K., Lori, Rachel, Hef, Joe, Andrew, John H., Rachel, Rick, Charlie, Neal, Ryan, Katie, Steven, Tristan, and the Abernathy family. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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