Where, oh where, has Scott Crain gone?

Scott Crain's final film project

We must have all collapsed after that last show because things have been rather quiet around here since late October/early November!

Actually, our resident playwright and tireless director Scott Crain has been working on something besides theater. He’s still creating, but this time it’s film. Yep, he’s been attending film school. And it’s about time! If you’ve ever read an Oracle Productions script, you know that he’s been writing for film for  awhile and adapting it for the stage. Boy, are we thrilled that he will now be able to do both!

For Scott’s final film project, he’s taking a short story by Stephen King (yes, THE Stephen King) and turning it into a short film. But films need funding and Scott’s is no different.

Check out his indiegogo campaign and consider supporting this next endeavor. I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did!

THE RIPPER Sneak Peeks

Scott Crain as Noir, Elisabeth Garcia as Cameo, and Rick Fox as Mouse, characters from our  fall show, The Ripper, which opens at 7:30 PM this Saturday, November 5, at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center in Smyrna. Reserve tickets by calling 615-364-5199 or visit TicketsNashville.

Photography by Benjamin Ness

Check out our video trailer by Surly Urchin Studios, too!

Set Construction TODAY!

Today begins our set construction. If you’ve never constructed a set–from scratch–it’s quite a sight to behold. Ms. Terri is the mastermind behind getting that stage transformed into the set for THE RIPPER. She draws pictures and gives directions and orders lumber and paint and sets us all to work.

We had an amazing group of volunteers today with “skills and drills,” (today’s theme). Upon arrival, nothing had been built or painted. Upon departure, several pieces of the set had been constructed and several flats had been painted. It’s coming together!

Oh, and Bea showed up with a HUGE pan of homemade baked spaghetti and ridiculously delicious lemon bars, which were quickly and happily devoured. Oh, yeah!

If not for all of our faithful volunteers, we would never be able to do a single production, and we certainly would not have been able to go home at a decent hour tonight! We are so thankful for you, Ms. Terri, Meg, Bre, David, Josh, Erin, John K., Thad, Bea, Thomas, Burn, Rob D., Alex, Rob K., Lori, Rachel, Hef, Joe, Andrew, John H., Rachel, Rick, Charlie, Neal, Ryan, Katie, Steven, Tristan, and the Abernathy family. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Community Yard Sale Fundraiser Update

A week ago, several cast members descended upon Smyrna with fliers and posters galore. Smyrna businesses were incredibly receptive and supportive, and not one business turned us down. In fact, the only place that didn’t have a community bulletin board, window space, or a place to put fliers (Publix) offered to put up a poster in their breakroom. Thank you, Smyrna businesses for supporting the arts and helping us get the word out about our community theater production of THE RIPPER!

While Oracle actors were flitting about Smyrna–in costume, I might add–Ms. Terri was representing Oracle at the LaVergne High School community yard sale. Thanks to the culinary skills of some extremely generous cast members, namely Bea, Pam, Alex, and Meg, we not only raised funds by delighting the taste buds of everyone who partook, but we also handed out fliers and encouraged them to come to the play.

Alex and Rob arrived with ridiculously delicious pumpkin tarts, their face painting supplies, and their adorable puppies (nothing like puppies to attract children!) Alex spent the morning painting faces and Rob created a lovely sign. Pam came out to help with the fundraising, too!

THANK YOU, Ms. Terri, for your time and your sweet spirit. A million thanks to Bea, Pam, Alex, and Meg for spending hours in the kitchen to help raise funds for this larger-than-life show. And thank you so much to Joe, Ryan, Katie, and Lori for the fabulous job you did of getting the word out. We are completely blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm of this cast!


“Gothic steampunk meets Victorian-era London with Scott Crain’s macabre adaptation of the Jack the Ripper story. Opening right on the heels of Halloween, the show is decidedly dark but offers plenty of comic relief. Fans of Oracle Productions are likely to detect the thread of redemption Crain weaves throughout his work. Well-written and perfectly priced, The Ripper chills the spine, feeds the soul, and excites the senses.”

October FUNraising for our Fall Show

We’ve got some more FUNraisers coming up, so mark your calendars!

Friday, October 21

A Very Theatrical Open Mic Night at THE JAM coffeehouse, 1210 Wedgewood Ave. The cast of THE RIPPER, Oracle’s fall show, will showcase their talents from 5-7 PM. You really won’t want to miss this!

Saturday, October 22

Face painting and bake sale by Oracle actors–in costume–at LaVergne High School’s community yard sale, just two minutes from Springhouse Worship & Arts Center, which is where you’ll find us this November doing THE RIPPER!

Saturday & Sunday, November 5 & 6, and Friday-Sunday, November 11-13

Silent Auction each night of our fall show, THE RIPPER. Winners will be announced at the end of intermission. To donate items, e-mail oracleproductionsnashville@gmail.com.

THE RIPPER details

A team of eccentric investigators attempt to hunt down the first serial killer of the modern age: Jack the Ripper. Based on the Whitechapel murders of 1888, THE RIPPER is a new play by Scott Crain. For mature audiences only. Not for the squeamish.

Tickets are $10 each or $8 for groups of 8 or more. Springhouse Worship & Arts Center, 14119 Old Nashville Hwy (behind CVS) off Sam Ridley Pkwy in Smyrna, TN. First two weekends in November.

For tickets, call 615-364-5199 or you can now get them online:

The Ripper

click on the picture to buy tickets

Flea Market Fundraiser = SUCCESS!

We might have to do a flea market fundraiser every year. Not only did we make enough money to pay for our first round of postcards, but we also had an amazing time chatting with folks about Oracle’s fall show and enjoying the glorious fall weather! A huge thanks to everyone who donated CDs, DVDs, and cassette tapes. They sold like hotcakes! Thanks to John and Ruthie Hostetler for letting us borrow their tent and tables. What a gift! And to our faithful volunteers, Meg Rehnborg, Pam Funderburg, and Rick Fox, we certainly could not have done it without you!